St Luke’s Church, Tutshill

St Luke's

By the mid 19th century the increasing population at Tutshill  saw the need for a third place of worship in the parish.

St Luke’s was designed by Henry Woodyer and consecrated by the Bishop of Gloucester on August 12th 1853.  A new aisle was added in 1872 and in 1995 an extension ‘St Luke’s room’ was added.

Next door to the church is Church Cottage which at one time housed the village school, the school is now situated adjacent to the churchyard.

Church Cottage was at one time the home of Harry Potter author J K Rowling.

More information on this and the other churches of the parish can be found in our publication The Churches and Chapels of Tidenham Parish.

3 thoughts on “St Luke’s Church, Tutshill

  1. Mrs R. J. Andrews says:

    Good evening.
    Do you have by chance have a list of the graves which are in the grave yard? My mum said my grandparents are buried there. As I am doing a visit in August.
    Many thanks

    1. Liz McBride says:

      Happy to do a look up if you let me know what names you are looking for.

  2. Julie says:

    Do you have a record of the memorial headstones for St Luke’s, Tutshill please?


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