We have been researching the Chepstow Weekly Advertiser (CWA) for articles relating to Tidenham Parish. We have created a database of these entries. The CWA  was established in June 1855.

We record the date, Column, Event date, Place names and venues, People who are mentioned and then any additional notes. If no entries appear for a newspaper date then it is recorded as ‘nil’.

Below is an example of those entries, more will follow.

23 Jun 1855 Back 3 Notices Cricket match Tidenham Advance preparation
30 Jun 1855 Back 2 Notices Statement of accounts Tidenham Friendly society
7 Jul 1855 No copy
14 Jul 1855 Back 1 News Sedbury Tyler War injury in Crimea
14 Jul 1855 Back 2 News Meeting of “Friends of Cheering Cup” Tidenham School & Reading Room; Double View Fundraising
14 Jul 1855 Back 2 News Tidenham Rev Mr Armstrong News from South Africa
21 Jul 1855 Back 2 Brooke End Man drowned
4 Aug 1855 Nil
11 Aug 1855 Nil
18 Aug 1855 Back 1 Notices Social gathering Penmoyle Romantic Rocks Chepstow Mechanics Institute
25 Aug 1855 Front 2 Notices Social gathering 28/8/1855 Penmoyle Romantic Rocks Chepstow Mechanics Institute
1 Sep 1855 Back 2 Report Social gathering Penmoyle Schoolroom
8 Sep 1855 Back 3 BMD Death 1/9/1855 Sedbury Timothy Lewis died aged 93
15 Sep 1855 Back 1 Report Cricket match 7/9/1855 Raglan Brooke, A Ridler, A Salmon, E Salmon, Hall, Thompson, Prior, J Nicholson JE Nicholson, J Gwatkin, Claridge
15 Sep 1855 Back 2 & 3 Report Chepstow Flower Show 11/9/1855 Tutshill Mrs Seys, George Glynn, Robert Castle Jenkins, Ann Price, Lawford Pullin, Thomas Clutterbuck, Elijah Seys, Thomas Evans List of prize winners
22 Sep 1855 Back 2 Notices Baptist Missionary Society Tidenham Reading Room Forthcoming event
29 Sep 1855 Back 3 BMD Birth 13/9/1855 P Antrobus Esq a daughter
6 Oct 1855 Nil
13 Oct 1855 No copy
20 Oct 1855 Nil
27 Oct 1855 Nil
3 Nov 1855 Front 3 BMD Death Sydney, Australia Caerwood Grove Cottage William Charles son of Commander Henry Brett RN died in Australia as result of accident
10 Nov 1855 Back 2 Notices Sheep found 28/10/1855 Wibden Mr Jas. Rymer Advertising for sheep’s owner
17 Nov 1855 Nil
24 Nov 1855 Nil
1 Dec 1855 Front 2 Notices Cottage to let Yewtree cottage Boughspring
8 Dec 1855 Nil
15 Dec 1855 Front 2 Notices Cottage to let Yewtree cottage Boughspring
22 Dec 1855 Cottage to let Yewtree cottage Boughspring
29 Dec 1855 4 Cottage to let Yewtree cottage Boughspring

3 thoughts on “Newspapers

  1. Ann Jones says:

    I am doing family history research. I am interested in any members of the Vaughan family from Tidenham Chase and Boughspring between 1770 and 1856. My grandfather always spoke of Tidenham Chase but I was too young to take an interest. John Vaughan married Harriett Vaughan. I wonder if they were related as they were both born in Tidenham.
    I am visiting the area tomorrow for a look around. I would appreciate any information you might have that will help me or if you could point me in the right direction I would really grateful. Obviously I do not expect an immediate reply and an e mail at any time would be very helpful.
    Thank you.
    Ann Jones

    1. Teel says:

      If you are happy to leave your email here I may be able to help. I believe that Harriets father was Thomas Vaughan and John’s father was William Vaughan . It would seem likely that they were distantly related because the Vaughan’s have remained in Woolaston for many many generations. You will find some of them buried at Woolaston Church

  2. Byron Jones says:

    I’m trying to find more informattion on my family from who were from Tidenham Chase. They were the local Blacksmiths and lived in the cottage by St, Michael, &, All, Angels, Tidenham Chase, Gloucestershire, England. I did bump into one of my relations who is the postman for this area but lost contact details for him. He said his father was whistler jones? My family are buried at St, Michael, &, All, Angels, Tidenham Chase. Thomas Jones (1840-1919) his wife Ellen White(1879-1922).

    If someone could point me in the right direction etc etc


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