Live and Let Live

In the 1861 census James Prichard (no ‘t’ in Prichard), a Wheelwright from Hewelsfield, and his wife Sarah Jane were recorded as the tenants of the Cross Keys, Tutshill. They had three children there – Andrew Thomas (born 1860), William (born 1861) and Catherine (born 1863).  William and Catherine did not survive infancy and there is a gravestone in Tutshill Churchyard inscribed:

“In memory of the beloved children of James and Sarah Jane Prichard of this parish

William George 4 March 1864 aged 2 years 6 months

Catherine Ellen 21 August 1867 aged 4 years 3 months”


The story that has been handed down is that they were asked to leave the Cross Keys at the end of 1869 (has been impossible to confirm why). At that time two cottages were being built along the road but had not been finished.  The Prichards took the two cottages and turned them into a public house, naming it “The Live & Let Live”.


Their surviving child, Andrew Thomas, eventually married and had 9 children.  He died in 1933.


James Prichard was the tenant of The Live & Let Live until his death in 1873 when the tenancy passed to his widow, Sarah.  It appears Sarah ran the pub until the end of the 1800s – then in 1901 the census shows her living in Gloucester Road, Tutshill, with a sister.


In 1891 the pub was recorded as owned by Bristol United Breweries Limited.


After Sarah Prichard these licensees followed:


29.11.1900 – 1916       Mr. Herbert Carpenter and his wife Ellen

In 1901 the Carpenters’ 7-year-old great-niece, Blanche Blatchly from Woodcroft, moved in with them permanently.


1916 – 1928                 Mrs. Ellen Carpenter (following Herbert’s death on 8 April 1916)


On 30 October 1916 Blanche married Stanley John Mayo, originally from Itton. In May 1918 their first child, Douglas, (my father) was born and his four siblings were also born at The Live & Let Live, the last in 1931.  Stanley moved into The Live & Let Live after he was discharged (having been wounded in France) from Army Service in WW1.


On 21 April 1928 Ellen Carpenter died and Bristol United Breweries asked the Mayos to take on the tenancy, which was granted to Stanley at the next Licensing Court.


1928 – 22.5.1946         Mr. Stanley J. Mayo

1946 – 1962                 Mr. Bert Reader

1962 – 1963                 Mrs. Reader (Bert’s widow)

1963 – 1965                 Mr. Walter Liddington

1965 – 1971                 Mr. Jack Elvidge

1971 – 1972                 Mrs. B. Elvidge (Jack’s widow)

1972 – 1975                 Mr. Derrick Smith

1975 – 1978                 Mr. Howard Massey

1978 – 1982                 Mr. Derrick Smith (second time)

1982 – 1983                 Mr. Ken Johnsey

1983 – 1989                 Mr. Michael Sowden

1989 – 1990                 Mr. Ian Reeve

1990 – 1992                 Mr. John Reed

1992 – 1993                 Mr. Allan Watts (under the Rising Sun, Woodcroft)

1993 –  1995                Mr. Bernard Hopkins

1995 –  1996                Mr. Feargus Power

1996 –  1997                Mr. Derek Evans

1997 –  2000                Mr. Donald Ellis

2000 – 2004                 Mrs. Maureen Hughes

2004 – 2006                Ms. L. Sullivan & Mr. A. Carey

2006 -2008                Mr. C. Bees & Mr. M. Batten

2008 – 2009                Mr. Mark Burns-Lindow

2009 –   Jan 2012         Mrs. Zoe Evans (daughter of Mrs. Maureen Hughes 2000 – 2004)

Jan 2102 – Feb 2013  Mr. C. Luxton


CLOSED – extended and refurbished


5 November 2014       Re-opened by Paula Smith as hairdressing salon and Pritchards Wine Bar


2016                             Pritchards Wine Bar re-opened as Toast Tutshill Co

With thanks to Margaret Fuller

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