Penn Farm



Pennsylvania Farm
Pennsylvania Farm

Penn  Farm occupants

1867 Morris John Prosser farmer
1867 Rate Book John Prosser occupier; owner George Ormerod
1871 Census    John Prosser aged 53 120 acres emp. 3 labourers
1875 Mercer & Co    John Prosser farmer
1876 Morris   John Prosser farmer
1879 Hillman   John Prosser farmer
1879 Kelly   John Prosser farmer

1881 Census Albert Allwood age 45, farmer 116 acres emp 1 man 1 boy
1882 Hillman Albert Allwood
1883 Hillman Albert Allwood
1885 Kelly Thomas Joyce farmer
1888 Hillman Thomas Joyce
1890 Hillman Thomas Joyce
1891 Census Thomas Joyce age 44 farmer
1892 Hillman Thomas Joyce
1893 Hillman Thomas Joyce

1897 Kelly Henry Cullimore farmer
1901 Census Henry J Cullimore age 32 farmer

1906 Kelly Henry Cullimore
1908 CWA H.J. Cullimore
1910 CWA H.J. Cullimore
1913 CWA H.J. Cullimore
1914 Kelly H.J. Cullimore

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