Beachley Farm

Beachley Farm

Beachley Farm Occupants

1858 Slater’s Mon:    Mrs Ann Williams
1861 Census:       Thomas P Williams age 50 farmer 207 acres emp 7 men 2 boys
1868 Slater’s Mon:    Miss Williams
1876 Morris:    Thomas P Williams farmer
1881 Census:   Thomas P Williams aged 70 230 acres emp 7 labs
1882 Hillman:   James Rymer farmer
1883 Hillman:  James Rymer churchwarden
1888 Hillman:  Mr Henry Williams James Rymer also listed churchwarden
1890 Hillman:  James Rymer churchwarden
1892 Hillman:  Mrs James Rymer
1893 Hillman:  Charles Burroughs
1901 Census:  Thomas Wm Williams farmer age 41
1906 Kelly:  Thomas W Williams farmer
1908 CWA:  T. W. Williams
1910 CWA:  T. G. Prewett overseer
1913 CWA:  T. G. Prewett


CWA refers to the Chepstow Weekly Advertiser

In 1917 the farm was acquired by the Admiralty.

When the Army Boys Training School was founded the house became the Officers’ Mess and later the Commandant’s house.

When the Army Apprentices College closed in the 1990s the house was sold and is now in private ownership.

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